Stage Combat Workshops

Make your fight scenes convicing AND safe!

Shakespeare's plays are full of violence - Romeo and Juliet has more reference to fighting than to love! However, how do you stage stunning fight scenes while remaining safe?

Stage Combat workshops, led by experienced fight directors and performers, teach you how to stage amazing fight scenes which will have your audience on the edge of their seat, while keeping your students perfectly safe!

Standard workshops feature a host of unarmed techniques, including punches, slaps, kicks, grabs and pulls.

Advanced workshops feature sword fighting skills to take your staging to the next level.

In no other workshop do you get to ask students "Do you mind if I kick you in the face before breaking your neck?" or "Do you want me to strangle or stab you to death?"

These workshops also teach you, the teacher, basic skills you can practise with your students as you work towards staging your own Shakespeare productions.

Workshops can take place in one of Theatre Workout's West End studios or in your school on request.

Quote "SWeek10" for 10% discount.

Theatre Workout is an award-winning company. We are a member of the Independent Theatre Council, the British Education Travel Association, Action for Children's Arts, is an Arts Award and BACC For The Future supporter.

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